This skill allows the character to create weapons and shields as well as forge and refit suits of armor. For each time this skill is bought, the character gets five Production Points as described in the “Production Skills” section. The person with this skill can then make anything Blacksmithing can produce up to their maximum Production Points.

Refitting a physical suit of armor can be done any number of times per day by a character with the skill Blacksmith.

Silvering a weapon: Silvering a weapon allows the weapon to harm monsters than can only be hurt by silver, such as certain undead. To silver an existing weapon, the blacksmith must pay 15 Production Points and 15 silver pieces. Silvering an existing arrow or bolt costs 1 silver per arrow or bolt and 1 Production Point (note that these costs are separate from the costs of the actual creation of the weapon itself.) Once applied, the silver can never be removed.

Strengthening a weapon, shield, or other item: Strengthening a weapon, shield, or other item allows it to withstand Shatter and Acidic Skin effects as well as explosive traps. Once strengthened, the item will withstand two such attacks. When hit with one of these effects, the person with a strengthened item must say “Resist.” An item can only be strengthened once, giving it two resists to these effects. After those resists are used, it can be strengthened again but can never have more than two resists at any one time. To strengthen an existing item, the smith must pay an extra 50 Production Points and 50 silvers.

Advanced use: A character with 10 or more levels of Blacksmith is considered a Journeyman, and only spends 4 copper for every 5 production points of Blacksmithing. Silvering and strengthening do not benefit from this reduction in cost.

A character with 20 or more levels of Blacksmith is considered a Master and gains the ability to refit armor in 30 seconds as opposed to the usual 60 seconds.

ArmorCost WeaponsCost WeaponsCost
1 - 5 Armor Points10 Arrow0.5 Short Hammer15
6 - 10 Armor Points20 Bolt0.5 Short Mace15
11 - 15 Armor Points30 Silvering an Arrow1  Silvering a Weapon15
16 - 20 Armor Points40 Silvering a Bolt1 Spear15
21 - 25 Armor Points50 Bludgeon5 Long Hammer20
26 - 30 Armor Points60 Dagger5  Long Mace20
31 - 35 Armor Points80 Hatchet5 Short Axe20
36 - 40 Armor Points100 Staff5  Long Axe25
41 - 45 Armor Points120 Thrown Weapon5 Short Sword25
46 - 50 Armor Points140 Javelin10 Long Sword30
51 - 55 Armor Points170 Light Crossbow10 Polearm40
56 - 62 Armor Points200 Shield10 Two Handed Blunt40
   Short Bow10 Two Handed Sword45
   Heavy Crosbow15 Strengthening50
   Long Bow15