Chaos Blade

Spell (Earth 6)

Necromancy; 10 Minutes
This spell allows the recipient to transform a weapon into a temporary chaos-enchanted blade. The recipient chooses which weapons(s) and swing(s) to utilize their Chaos Blade with, and announces the total damage of the swing while saying “Chaos” instead of their normal carrier such as “Normal” or “Silver”. It may be used on any weapon, even bows and crossbows.

The Chaos Blade lasts for ten minutes or until dispelled.

Note that as with any weapon swing which might otherwise have a beneficial effect upon the target, these swings will not actually heal an Undead target (or any other creature which might be normally healed by Chaos damage).

Since this spell affects the target character, not a specific weapon, it will affect all weapons the character uses during the spell’s duration. However, as soon as they hand a weapon to another character, it will revert to its normal damage type.
“With Necromancy I create a Chaos Blade.”