Chapter Level Caps

Some Chapters may implement a Level Cap. This is a way by which they can run a particular type of game where characters can only reach a certain level of power. If a Chapter is enforcing a Level Cap, they must note this clearly and consistently and state the specific amount of XP they are limiting characters to.

Players attending such a chapter must determine a legal set of skills for their character using any combination of skills their character already knows. They must arrange these skills in such a way as to not exceed the Chapter’s declared Level Cap.

This must be done in advance of the event. You are required to adhere to the Chapter’s preregistration deadline and guidelines if the Chapter publishes them. You should not expect to be able to show up unannounced and change your Character to fit under a level cap without warning.You must send over a specific Character build which is both (a) legal as per the Alliance rules and (b) contains only skills on the Character’s full character sheet.

Example: George’s character Belthivis, a Scholar, has 35 XP and the following skills: Small Weapon (2 XP), Educated (3 XP), First Aid (2 XP), Healing Arts (2 XP), 4 1st-level Earth spells (4 XP), 4 2nd-level Earth spells (4 XP), 4 3rd-level Earth spells (8 XP), 3 4th-level Earth spells (6 XP), and 1 5th-level Earth spell (3 XP). George wants to play Belthivis in another Chapter, which has a 25 XP Level Cap. Before the game, George sends an email to that Chapter’s Logistics team and says he wants to play Belthivis without the 5th level Earth spell, and with only 1 4th level Earth spell and 3 3rd level Earth spells. He cannot keep the 5th level Earth spell instead of several lower spells, as he would then break the Spell Pyramid rules.

In-game, the Mists of Fortannis which allow travel between various realms has long been known to have mysterious temporary effects on those who use them. It is not uncommon for characters to suddenly lose the ability to perform tasks that seemed simple to them in their own realm.

If a Character’s home chapter enforces a Level Cap, the Character continues accruing and spending XP normally, but chooses which skills to use at each event as described above.

Playing under a Chapter Level Cap does not permanently alter the Character’s card or skills in any way.

A Character will automatically Fluid Class to the most appropriate Class of their cut-down card, unless the player specifically requests that another Class is used (with appropriate XP costs calculated).