Checking Tags and Documentation

If someone seems to have extraordinary powers, you have the right to challenge them for proof of what they claim. No one should have an item or a power that is not documented somewhere. If the person you challenged cannot produce a tag, monster card, character card, or other official proof of the powers, then the abilities do not exist. You are not required to accept anything that is not documented.

Checking tags and skill cards is a necessary part of the game and should be done even if you trust the other player. Even our most experienced players have been known to make mistakes about which skills they have, how they are used, and whether they have used up that skill that day. By always checking, these mistakes can be limited. You should not accept skills or effects that are not in this book without proper authorization. For instance, if a monster hits you with the call “Two Disintegrate!” you have the right to refuse to accept that call since there is no “disintegrate” in this book.

With all that said, let us point out that there may be exceptions to all of this. If a marshal is present and overseeing the encounter and explains to all what the powers are, then you should accept the word of the marshal.

For instance, there are no specific rules here for magical portals that can transport you through space and time, but you may still run across them in your game, controlled completely by the local Plot Committee. There may also be special powers that are unique to your particular event. However, even these special powers must always be documented.

Example one: Terin is walking along the road when suddenly a monster jumps out and throws a packet at him, saying “Arcane True Sight!” The monster then disappears. The NPC then hands Terin an official document from the Plot Committee which explains that he now has the ability to tell whether any monster in town is actually a doppelganger. The documentation is signed by the proper person in charge and explains exactly how the skill works. Whenever Terin uses this skill, he must show the card to whoever asks.
Example two: At the start of the event, the Plot Committee announced out-of-game that the players may meet some monsters which call out “ennui” as damage. They then explain exactly how players are to react when hit with this call and what can defend against it. They then provide a write up so that anyone who encounters such a monster when there are no marshals present can check the documentation to make sure there are no disputes.

Note that any such attack, skill, or power which does not exist in this book does not transfer from one chapter to another without express permission from both chapters.