Choosing a Circle

A spirit can reject a specific healer but stay in the Circle waiting for another person to perform the resurrection. The rejected healer will be aware that the spirit is refusing to resurrect but will not be able to tell which healer the spirit is requesting or waiting for. The spirit is not aware of any character plans to resurrect in specific Circles based on the means of death. Thus you cannot say to your friends “If I resurrect in Bristol, that’s my signal that I was killed by Vorin; but if I resurrect in Wildwood, that means I was killed by Fangthorn.”

Spirits will normally go to the closest Greater Earth Circle of Power to resurrect. A spirit can choose to go to a different Circle than the closest one if the closest Circle is hostile, but the character, once resurrected, will not be aware of this decision. “Hostility” is defined by the resurrecting player and can include enemies in town, enemies in the guild, or enemies inside and outside the Circle. As the spirit approaches the Circle, it can change its mind. A seemingly safe Circle can later be judged hostile if, for instance, the spirit sees enemies in the area. The spirit could then move on to the next closest Greater Earth Circle.

If your character decides to go to another Circle other than the designated in-game Circle during a weekend event, you must still go to the resurrection point out-of-game to record the death and let them know what you are planning. An OOG “Death Log” will be maintained where character deaths will be recorded by a chapter-appropriate representative when the death is reported. For many chapters, this is maintained in their in-game Healer’s Guild. After an event, chapter Logistics staff will use the Death Log to update their character database for reported deaths.

You may be required to stay out-of-game to represent the amount of time it would take for your spirit to travel to the next closest Greater Earth Circle and for your body to then travel back.

Example one: Terin is killed by his arch enemies, a group known as the Axes of Evil. He lies there, hoping someone with a Life spell walks by, but no one does. He puts on his white headband and heads to the closest Greater Earth Circle, which is at the Healer’s Guild. Inside, the Guild is a friendly and inviting place. Outside of the Guild, he sees members of the Axes of Evil waiting for him to resurrect so they can follow him and kill him again. He can choose to resurrect elsewhere.

Example two: Terin’s spirit goes to the Guild and discovers that the person who will be resurrecting him will be Vorin, a member of the Axes of Evil. Terin can decide to take his chances with Vorin (after all, would Vorin really try anything with all these witnesses around?) or, if he chooses, he can go to the next closest Greater Earth Circle. He may also refuse to be resurrected by Vorin, in the hope that some other healer will then come by and perform the resurrection. However, once an invested character begins the resurrection, and the spirit accepts the resurrection, it must be completed.

Example three: Poor Terin is wanted by the Town Guard for crimes he has committed. He has been hiding out in the woods, but his luck ran out and he was killed by trolls. He feels that if his spirit were to resurrect in the Healer’s Guild, he would be immediately arrested. He can choose to go to another Greater Earth Circle.

Example four: Terin is killed by the Axes of Evil in their very own Greater Earth Circle hidden deep in the woods. Terin does not want to be resurrected there and can choose to go to the next closest Circle.