Empowered Strike

Daily, Meditatable

This character may, once per Logistics period per purchase, expend a spell from memory to swing once for “Spell Strike <spell>”; if the swing misses, both the spell and this skill may be Meditated back separately. The spell may not be higher than 1st level; this limit increases by 1 level for every 25 Martial XP the character has spent. If used for a necromantic spell, the spell counts as 3 levels lower than it actually is.

Example: Barinor is an accomplished Spellsword and knows Empowered Strike. He’s spent a little over 75 Martial XP and can thus use Empowered Strike for up to a 4th level spell. When his friend Terin is Slept by an enemy, he triggers an Awaken spell through his Empowered Strike and swings for “Spell Strike Awaken!” at Terin to wake him up.