Some Ritual Manipulations provide Empowerment effects for varying lengths of time. Using an Empowerment, a caster can “supercharge” the Ritual they are casting, granting a greater effect in some unusual way. The Empowerment itself cannot be extended by any means. After this period, these items return to their base Ritual stats as the magic settles down. The exact nature of how a Ritual is more effective is up to the local Plot team. The more impressive role-playing and Ritual casting performed, the greater the Empowerments.

An item may only ever have one Empowerment active on it. Further attempts to Empower other Rituals on the same item will automatically fail.

Empowerments do not count as “Rituals” for the purpose of Ritual Slots. Plot may choose to preemptively expire or alter an Empowerment at any time if they choose to do so. Empowerments may never travel outside the chapter in which they were cast; an item with an active Empowerment will act as normal for its base Rituals (without the Empowerment effect) if taken to another chapter.