Gas and Scroll Traps

These Area Traps are loaded with an Alchemical gas or Battle Magic scroll respectively that will affect everyone in the Game Room when triggered. The Production Point cost for creating the trap does not include the cost of the gas or scroll itself. When setting the trap, the the trap setter must include a gas or scroll or the trap is not successfully armed. Once set off, the trap phys-rep itself counts as the “caster”. In this case, any spell which has wording regarding the “caster” (such as Line of Sight spells, Charm effects, etc.) will effectively expire after a five seconds (for Line of Sight) or have no effect (Charm). Any legitimate applicable targets/physreps in the Game Room are separately targeted by the effect. Note that only one item may be loaded in each trap; you cannot stack multiple gasses or scrolls to increase their effect.

Items loaded into one of these traps can never be removed or salvaged once the trap is armed. If the trap is successfully disarmed, the trap may be re-armed again, but in no case may the gas or scroll be taken from the trap to be used in other traps or on their own.

The effects of any gas trap will be blocked by any defense against the Poison qualifier such as Poison Shield or Resist Poison. If two or more gas traps have the same trigger, then they are all set off at once and one Poison Shield or Resist Poison will block them all.

Similarly, a scroll trap will be blocked by any defense against the Spell qualifier such as Spell Shield or Resist Spell. If two or more scroll traps have the same trigger, then they are all set off at once and one defense will stop them all.

Note that Protection/Enhancement and Eldritch Force scrolls may never be put into a Scroll Trap. These traps are not destroyed when set off and may be re-armed by anyone with the appropriate skill without paying the cost to rebuild them.

Example: Ashlynn steps into a trapped room without looking around first and trips two Scroll traps simultaneously! Looking at the tags, she sees that one is an Evocation Bolt (20 Flame) trap and the other is a Web trap. Every valid target in the room for each trap is hit. This means that Ashlynn must immediately take 20 points of Flame damage and is stuck in place for 5 seconds.