Killing Off Your Character

Sometimes you just want to get rid of an old character you don’t play any more. Or perhaps you really want to start a new one but don’t feel like beginning at 25 XP again. Players who wish to kill off a character currently in the database and start a new one can do so under the following conditions:

  • Your new character will have half the build of the character you “trade in” (rounded down).
  • Your new character will have half the number of deaths of your old character (rounded up).
  • All of your character’s items must be turned in as appropriate to the method of retirement. If your character is killed out in the woods, the gear leaves the game. If they retire to a comfortable life as a tavernkeep, they may take some or all of their gear with them to pay for their retirement, but might give some away to your adventuring friends.
  • You can work with the Plot team to come up with an appropriate retirement story for your character. Keep in mind that your character can never come back as a PC at this point, even if they survive and ride off into the sunset for a peaceful retirement!
  • You cannot combine characters or trade in more than one character to get more XP for your new character.