Mend Armor

Spell (Celestial 2)

Eldritch Force; Instant
This spell will instantly refit a specified amount of armor on the recipient. It will not take a suit of armor over its maximum allowed value under any circumstances.

Note that the Mend Armor effect may be used with any specified value. When casting it as the second level Celestial spell, the value is set at 20.

Example: Ena has a suit of armor which has been evaluated at 20 points. She is in battle against two enemy orcs, one of whom has landed hits for a total of 12 points of damage. Ena is starting to get worried about her armor. Fortunately, her ally Belthivis is nearby and leaps forward, touchcasting a Mend Armor spell for her. Now that her armor is back up to its full value, she feels much more confident against the orcs.

This ability will not work on a suit of armor which has been completely destroyed, such as a mundane suit of armor that was affected by the Shatter ability.

Mend Armor will mend Armor Points from any source, including physical suits of armor, Natural Armor, and Arcane Armor.
“With Eldritch Force I Mend 20 Armor.”