Riposting Blow


The character may, once per Logistics period per purchase after using any Dodge, Parry, or Evade skill, immediately make a single weapon swing. When using this swing, positioning requirements may be ignored.

Any offensive skills or spells used from memory during this attack are not expended, but must have at least a single use available at the time of Riposting Blow. Any Rituals used during this attack are expended.

Example: Rendal has a Parry, a Riposting Blow, and a Slay available. Rendal also knows Eviscerating Blow, but he used it earlier in the same Logistics Period. He is attacked by his arch enemy Vorin swinging for “50 Doom!” This terrifying attack would kill Rendal outright, so Rendal uses his Parry skill to stop the attack. Rendal expends his Riposting Blow along with the Parry, and swings back with his Slay! Because he’s using Riposting Blow, the Slay won’t be expended whether or not it connects. Note that Rendal can’t use his Eviscerating Blow with this attack, since he used it earlier.