Searching a Cabin

In order to search a cabin, you must have a marshal present. We cannot overemphasize this point! If you enter a cabin without a marshal, you are not only cheating but may be subject to legal action as well. The marshal does not have to actually be right next to you (after all, how can you sneak around with someone else tagging along beside?), but the marshal must be aware and within sight somewhere.

Every chapter has specific rules about where you can hide items and what must be done in order to search a cabin, so check with the marshal first before doing anything. These rules are based on the local chapter’s policies which may be specific to the camp and may be based on the chapter’s insurance requirements.

You must actually search the cabin yourself. The marshal will not simply look at the notes and go and retrieve items for you. Do not take any items marked “personal” or any items stored in any area marked out-of-game. (In-game items may not be put in out-of-game areas.) The marshal is also there to make sure that you properly disarm any traps that may be on the door or window.

Destroying property such as window screens or door hinges is not allowed.

Once more, the bottom line is: Always get a marshal first. Not doing so is the quickest way to be kicked out of the Alliance.