Searching a Person

If you waylay, kill, or control a person or monster, you may search that being. Simply say “I search you.” All game items must be turned over at that point. You do not need to touch the person and should not without permission.

Note that it is impossible to completely hide something on your body. If you are searched, you cannot claim that something was “really, really well hidden.” If you are searched, you also have the option of saying, “Describe your search.” The searcher then must describe what he or she is doing to search (“I am looking through your pockets,” “I am searching your cloak,” etc.) This is not only to help you hide items, but it also takes up the time that the search should take. When the searcher asks about a place where an item is hidden, you must turn over the item at that point.

You must really have the item hidden where you say it is. In other words, you can’t say “I’m pretending to have a secret compartment in my shoe, and you didn’t ask about secret compartments there!”

If someone steals your magic item, do not give them the magic item tag. Immediately go to the appropriate logistical site (usually the Mages’ Guild) and turn over the tag. It is up to the person who stole the item to find out what the item is and how it works. This applies to magical weapons as well. Not turning over a magic item tag after the phys rep has been stolen or lost is considered cheating. You must turn over these tags immediately.