Securing Your Cabin

The world of Fortannis can be an unsafe place, so it’s always a wise idea to guard your valuables. There may be places in-game where you can buy or rent a lock for your cabin. Some of these places will also install it for you for a small fee. Of course, these locks can be picked by a good thief, but at least it will slow the rascal down. If you want to put a lock on a door, you must either use an approved lock or you must use your own lock after getting it approved by a marshal. Generally speaking, if you can demonstrate that you can pick your lock, then it will probably be allowed.

Remember though that we prefer easy to pick locks, as it is the in-game skill itself that is supposed to be used and not the out-of-game skill of actually picking a very difficult lock. Combination locks are not allowed to be used by players but may be found in modules (where part of the module is discovering the combination). You can also buy or make traps for your cabin. Each trap must be accompanied by a trap card (see the section on traps).

Take your personal items and put them under your bed. Any items placed under the bed are considered to be out-of-game, so don’t cheat and put game items there. If you like, put a dividing curtain up in your cabin, and place all the beds and your personal items behind it. Put any game items in front of the divider.

Any special security precautions you take must be entered on the marshal’s notes on your cabin door. Make any appropriate entries there, with the spell labels and/or trap cards necessary. That way, anyone marshaling a thief through your cabin can dole out any damage that the villain may take. If no precautions have been entered on the marshal’s notes, then there is nothing protecting the cabin in-game.

Anyone who does not reside in a particular cabin caught reading the marshal’s notes will be subject to disciplinary action. These notes are for marshals only, and only when marshaling a thief into the cabin.