Stealing and Searching

“Stealing” refers only to the in-game stealing of in-game items. Obviously, this means you must be very careful when attempting to steal anything in-game.

You are never allowed to destroy anything in order to steal something (no cutting of purse strings, no breaking windows to get into a home, no harming real property). If you can somehow manage to open someone’s pouch and take the game items within without that person noticing, then that is fine.

There are special rules for each type of in-game item and you are required to know them. If you are caught stealing something incorrectly, then you are cheating—and ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

Game Money, Magic Items and Jewelry: You are always allowed to take whatever game money you can find in-game. When taking jewelry or an item, always check to make sure there is a number scratched into it. If there is a number, then the item is now yours. If there is no number, then the item is personal property and not a game item. If you are unsure, you may find a marshal with a game item list who can check to make sure that it really is a game item.

If you have a magic weapon or item stolen, you must immediately head to the Mages’ Guild and turn over the magic item tag. Since this is a Logistical requirement that has to be performed, you can go to the guild out-of-game. Not turning in a magic item tag from something that has been stolen or lost is considered cheating.

Weapons: You must actually take the weapon you are stealing. Be reasonable about it—if these weapons were real, they would weigh quite a bit. You cannot grab piles of heavy weapons and walk through town with them. Once you have stolen a weapon, you should then head immediately to the designated area for stolen weapons (usually the NPC camp or an NPC blacksmith shop). You cannot actually keep that particular weapon phys rep since it is the personal property of the player from whom you stole it, but the marshal in charge will give you the tag from that weapon which you can then attach to your own weapon phys rep.

If your weapon is stolen, you should head to the designated area to get your phys rep back. You can do this out-of-game since this is only a Logistical function. Once you have your weapon phys rep back, you will then have to buy a weapon tag from someone in-game in order to use that weapon again.

Some monsters will have weapons that are stealable. How-ever, for logistical reasons, these monsters will simply hand you a tag instead of the actual weapon since they need the phys rep for later. Most monster weapons are not stealable simply because to allow that would be to ruin the in-game economy and make the skill of Blacksmithing useless.

If you steal a magic weapon, you will keep the phys rep but must go to the Mages’ Guild to have it Identified so you can use it. Remember, if you don’t have the magic item tag, the item cannot be used even if you do have the phys rep.

Armor and other expensive items: Since everyone’s armor is personal and usually a bit expensive, you have the right to refuse to turn over the phys rep if someone steals your armor. However, by refusing to turn it over, you forfeit the right to later “recognize” the same armor on the person who stole it from you. If instead, you allow the thief to take your armor, it must obviously be returned to you at the end of the event, as it is your own personal property. This holds true for expensive jewelry, fancy weapons, and other personal items.

Spell Books and Recipe Books: In order to steal a spell book or an ((alchemical recipe book00, you should take the card that is attached to the book. The actual book is the private property of the player. Some players will mark their spell books with a note saying “this spell book is stealable.” In that case, you must take the actual book itself and not just the card, nor can you take the card out of that book and place it into a different book.

Gas Globes: If you steal gas globes from someone (or if those globes are destroyed), the owner of the globes must randomly give up the appropriate amount of tags for the globes. A marshal may be called to oversee this.

Other in-game items: The Alliance often provides props such as maps, notes, books, and other informational items. If you find these in a module or on an NPC, they’re yours. If you steal them from another player, you should either contact the person you stole it from out-of-game and make sure that they were stealable, or alternatively, see a marshal to make sure.