The Bag of Chance

Each time your character dies, he or she adds another death to their death total. Every character gets two guaranteed resurrections. After that, there is a chance of dying permanently and not coming back. When you show up to the Greater Earth Circle to resurrect, a chapter representative will update your death total and then will ask you to choose from the Bag of Chance.

In the bag will be ten stones. There will be one Death Stone for each time you have died beyond the two free resurrections. There will also be a number of Life Stones put into the bag so that the total number of stones is always ten. If you choose a Life Stone, then you can be successfully resurrected. If you pick a Death Stone, then you have three choices:

Permanently die. Your body will reform where it died. However, lying out in the middle of the woods all night hoping someone finds your body is no fun. It is completely acceptable to leave a note saying (for instance), “You see Terin’s permanently dead body here.” If your character permanently dies during an event, you can be an NPC for the rest of the event, you can start a new character, or play one of your other characters for the rest of the event.

Die but create a half-XP character: In addition to having your character permanently die as above, you may immediately retire the character as per the following section, “Killing off Your Character,” save that you may not turn in any items (as all items are left where the character died in-game). Your body will reform where it died (as above).

Have one more life: You may choose to keep your character and give them one final chance at life. The character resurrects successfully as though they had chosen a Life Stone, but the next time they die, they do not draw from the Bag of Chance and instead they remain where they died. This permanent death may not be evaded or extended by means of any additional ritual such as Regenerate, Controlled Spirit Store, or Sacrifice, and once this option has been chosen, the character may not be retired as per the following section “Killing off Your Character” nor can you choose the second option above (“Die but create a half-XP character”).

The character is aware that this will be their last chance at life, but no one else will know in-game. The healer doing the resurrection will only know that the resurrection worked. It is then up to the character whether to tell everyone that their next death will be their last.

Example: Terin dies and heads to the Healer’s Guild where he pulls a Death stone. The player considers his options and decides that he would like to keep playing Terin. He tells the marshal keeping the Death Log and resurrects. Once he resurrects, he tells all his friends that he feels his spirit has grown weak, and he knows his next death is his last. Terin’s friends try to keep him safe but a few months later, he dies again. The player remains where he died and does not go to the Healer’s Guild to pull from the Bag of Chance.