p.51 (Monster Types) - references "Dead Periods" when it means "Death countdown"

p.72 (Weather) - references "armor point tags" which isn't correct term
p.72 (Weather) - references "waylay protection"
p.73 (schools of magic and signature spells) - this should be two separate sections

p.79 (physical representations) - references for theft includes getting the physrep back for a magical suit of armor. clarifications have since made it clear that the armor tag is the physrep, not the costuming. So this example is misleading about how the rules work.

p.79 (identifying potions and elixers) - references needing healing arts or herbal lore to identify, when the needed skill is educated.
p.79 (identifying potions and elixers) - the rules for unidentified are weird - is this intended that only tags that are put in to game marked as unidentified are unidentified? That feels like a big changed both in how I've seen alliance played, and the work being asked for logistics.