Weapon Traps

A weapon trap contains a weapon on a spring mounted mechanism. This must be mounted on a large or heavy object, such as in a crate or a trunk, or onto a door. Once armed, a weapon trap cannot be moved.

Out-of-game, the trap merely has to have a standard trap trigger (a light or noisemaker) and a weapon with a valid item tag must be attached. There must be a clearly marked “pivot point” for whichever weapon phys-rep is being used. When the trap goes off, a Hold is called and the weapon is rotated around the pivot point. Anyone touched by the weapon is affected as though they had been struck by a weapon blow of the stated amount and type. Note that the weapon does not actually need to be swung or be on a spring for safety reasons. The mounted weapon may be any standard approved weapon.

Weapon traps are not destroyed when set off and may be re-armed by anyone with the appropriate skill without paying the cost to rebuild them.

Weapon coatings may be applied to the weapon used in a weapon trap. These coatings are consumed as normal when the trap is set off and must be re-applied when the trap is rearmed.

Weapon Traps may not be blocked by a weapon or shield, but any pertinent defense against a Weapon qualifier attack or physically delivered Poison (if the weapon is coated) can be used, like Evade, Parry, Dodge, or the Weapon Shield spell.