Spell (Earth 6), Potion

Necromancy; 5 Minutes
This effect twists and warps a target’s ability to effectively attack or defend.

When struck, the target may choose which effect to take, but must then announce what they have chosen by calling “Withered Defense” or “Withered Offense.” If struck with Wither again while already Withered, the target must re-announce this choice only if it changes with the new application of Wither.

While offensively Withered, the target may not make any offensive weapon calls or throw packets, but may block, use defensive calls, and touch-cast spells.

While defensively Withered, the target will take damage when blocking attacks with a weapon or shield as if they did not have the appropriate weapon skill(s) to wield them, may not touch-cast or intentionally target themselves with a packet attack, and may not use Smart Defenses, but may still make offensive strikes and throw packets at other targets.

Note that this same effect will occur against an Undead target if Restore is cast upon them. In this case, the undead still calls “Withered <choice>” for clarity.

Example: Rendal the Spellsword is fighting with a sword in one hand, ready to throw spells with the other. He comes up against his evil necromancer enemy Vorin, guarded by his pet Death Knight. Vorin first throws a Wither spell at Rendal with the incant “With Necromancy I Wither you!” Rendal is struck! He calls “Withered Offense.” He can now block the Death Knight’s weapon swings or touch-cast spells on himself, but he cannot throw spells or swing his weapon for damage. He blocks frantically, backpedaling, but then the Death Knight lands 3 swings in a row with the call “5 Wither!” Rendal can choose to switch his Wither to Defense and decides to do so, calling “Withered Defense.” He doesn’t need to call this for the second and third hits, since he’s not changing how he’s Withered. Rendal launches a ferocious barrage of blows, hurting his foe with several attacks but taking damage every time he tries to block with his sword.
“With Necromancy I Wither you.”