History: Biata

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Legend says that Biata were created by gryphons from Stone Elves, and Biata certainly have characteristics of each. Remember that gryphons are half eagle and half lion, so don't go thinking that Biata are simply cute little budgie-people. Whatever birdlike qualities they may have come from birds of prey, which are imposing indeed.

All Biata have feathery eyebrows and often grow feathers in their hair as well. Sometimes, older Biata may also grow one "claw." This claw is decorative in nature and cannot be used as a weapon; it is merely a feathery glove with long claw-like fingernails.

Biata tend to be very orderly in their philosophy of life-they always act with a purpose. They will not do things "on a whim" and are always working towards some goal. Biata never see themselves as performing "bad" or "evil" acts; they feel that the things they do are necessary for a greater good. That greater good may be the ascension of that Biata to a position of power so that some deed or deeds may be performed, but it is never for the sake of chaos or power itself. There will always be a reason.

Biata have a strong sense of secrecy with regard to all things that relate to their racial heritage. Their traditions are held highly sacred, the details of which are never shared with other races. To do so would be an extreme disgrace, with dire repercussions for those with loose lips. This is somewhat perpetuated by a Biata sense of superiority and personal honor. While not having to be snobs, all Biata view their race as a higher life form than others. Close behind would be other long lived races, like the elves, but their celestial nature tends to lead to obvious problems.

Another role-playing perk is that Biata don't get drunk off of alcohol. They do have a weakness though - believe it or not, fudge. It acts as both an intoxicant and/or an aphrodisiac depending on how you want to play it. Remember that Intoxicate elixirs will work on everyone, no matter what their race.

Each Biata carries with them at all time a small hematite Stone which "records" their memories. When they die, the Stone is taken to a large "homestone" watched over by the Biata elders of an area, and the memories can then be viewed by others visiting the homestone.

Biata feel that certain colors represent emotions, and this is based on the fact that the colors of a Biata's feathers relate to the Biata's individual personalities. The colors can change over the years as the Biata's personality changes, and a Biata may have more than one color feather at a time, but no more than three.

  • Black: stubbornness / lawful
  • Blue: tranquility / passive
  • Brown: isolationism
  • Gray: neutrality / shy / passive / kind
  • Green: hatred / jealousy / cruel
  • Orange: rigidity / firm emotions
  • Purple: calculating / serious
  • Red: anger / fierce emotions / mood swings
  • Tan: mercenary
  • White: mischief / lust / impulsive
  • Yellow: love / honesty / trust

Having celestial protective spells cast upon Biata causes great discomfort. Many will refuse to sleep behind Wards and will not use celestial magic items. Biata who accept celestial magics or sleep behind celestial protectives find that other Biata will shun them, and may find that their ability to use their mental skills will stop working temporarily until they cleanse themselves from the celestial taint.

Biata live a very long time, like the Stone Elves from which they are descended. Biata, like Stone Elves, have spent years honing mental skills and as such can perform certain mental mind abilities. These abilities are all completely role-playing in nature. For more information about these skills, see the "Mental Abilities" section.

Biata can buy the skills Resist Command and Break Command. Biata are attuned to earth magics and as such, cannot learn Read Magic.


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