History: Effects Intro

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Every call in Alliance has three parts: The delivery, the qualifier, and the effect. The delivery is how the call is being delivered—Is it thrown with a packet representing some otherworldly effect, or is it swung with a physical weapon? The qualifier explains how the call is being made in-game—for example, a physical attack which is imbued with a pure Elemental force is different from a mundane Weapon swing. Finally, the effect describes exactly what the call will do if it connects—it might heal, it might paralyze, or it might burn with a mighty flame. In most cases, both the qualifier and the effect must be stated with every call. This helps the recipient understand what defensive abilities they might use and what to do if they get hit.

Note that sometimes you will have the choice to deliver several different effects with a single attack, such as when wielding a sword with several different magical auras. In this case, you may only ever use a single effect with any single attack, although you may be able to change which you choose to use with each attack. No matter what, a single attack can use no more than one qualifier and no more than one effect. Once you take an effect, it doesn’t matter how it was given to you.


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