History: High Ogre

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High Ogres are a race apart from the monstrous ogres, although like ogres they have yellow skin and protruding lower fangs.

High Ogres are perhaps one of the bravest of all sentient species. They live for good combat, and seek any opportunity to prove their prowess in the battlefield. They are very proud of their deeds and often brag endlessly on past victorious battles in which they've participated. At the same time, they often willfully try to forget their defeats as well and when these embarrassing defeats are brought up in conversation, the High Ogre will feel uncomfortable and agitated and try to change the subject.

High Ogres see feebleness as the ultimate curse of life. Better to die in the glory of battle than to waste away in some obscure way. If an elderly High Ogre feels he's become too much a burden on his household and tribe, he or she will travel deep in the woods to find a troll or goblin in order to die fighting until they no longer resurrect.

High Ogres eat all kinds of food. Fructose, the natural sugar in all fruits, makes their blood sugar rise in their body to astronomical heights. If they don't fight soon after eating an apple or orange, they'll be crawling up the walls in agitation. Often whole tribes eat lots of fruit before going out into big battles.

There is a common misconception that High Ogres are dumb. This is due to the fact that their racial intelligence makes it very difficult to comprehend scholarly skills. They find it difficult to grasp abstract concepts like the Code of Chivalry, nobility, and political intrigue.

High Ogres make up for this with a strange form of lateral thinking and an innate understanding for the ecology of the land. They can often tell when something is going to shift the balance of nature—things such as natural disasters, man-made disturbances, magical rifts, plagues, and animal, plant and creature imbalance (when the delicate balance of predator/prey is way off due to migrating creatures, plants or animals). This means they can also sense when there is "too much necromancy" around, and will react accordingly.

Necromancy and undead are more than just taboo to a High Ogre. These things just feel wrong and the presence of such abominations makes the High Ogre itch and squirm in discomfort. This sort of thing has no place corrupting the lands.

Consequently, High Ogres hate any type of undead or necromancy and will do everything in their power to destroy such beings as well as those who would use necromancy. This means that a High Ogre may do some pretty suicidal things in order to attack that undead creature or necromancer.

Because of their hatred and feelings about undead, High Ogres often become experts in the types of undead that exist and what are the best ways to destroy them.

High Ogres are constantly trying to prove to other High Ogres their abilities in strength and combat. When approached by a High Ogre they had never seen before, they are compelled to prove themselves to be the dominant High Ogre. The duel must then take place, regardless of whether or not one High Ogre obviously outclasses another. The fight is never to the death but only until one of the High Ogres acknowledges the other's superiority. There is never any cheating nor are there sneak attacks in this sort of battle; there is great honor at stake in the High Ogre community. The defeated High Ogre must treat the victor as a superior until one day, they can fight as well or better than their superior and perhaps take his or her place. Re-matches do not happen that often, and usually a whole season passes by before one is decreed.

High Ogres have a very short life expectancy compared to other races, and they mature faster, so that your starting player may only be four years old!

They must pay double for the Read Magic skill, but are physically tough and pay 1 less XP for Hardy. High Ogres can purchase the skills Racial Resolute and Resist Necromancy. Finally, High Ogres purchase all Weapon Skills at half cost (rounding up)


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