Greater Command; Instant
Victims of this elixir cannot remember anything that occurred within the 60 minutes prior to its administration.
In the place of the now inaccessible memories is a blank spot within the memory. Victims are aware that they cannot remember anything for that period and may reasonably assume that they have been given an Amnesia elixir.

In the ten minutes directly after an Amnesia has taken effect, the Amnesia may be countered and memories of the period returned by either a Dispel or a Purify. After that ten minute period, Amnesia becomes incurable and the recipient permanently loses their memory of the 60 minute period.

Biata and stone elf role-playing racial skills cannot remove the effect of an Amnesia elixir, nor can any NPC mind abilities. Neither a Life spell nor a Resurrection will restore the memory of the recipient even if it occurs during this ten minute period.