Greater Circles of Power

Greater Circles of Power are usually found only in Healer’s Guilds and Mage’s Guilds. Raiding a Circle of Power requires the player to adhere to all of the rules applicable to raiding a cabin.

An Invested member of a Celestial Greater Circle of Power may perform an Identify on items or individuals an unlimited amount of times per day, as long as the item or individual to be Identified is completely within the Circle at the time. If performed on an item, Identify tells the caster whether the item has any magical properties and how the item works. If performed on an individual, Identify tells the caster what active effects or Rituals are present and will also Identify any magic items the individual is carrying or wearing. Some powerful magical creatures or artifacts may be impossible to identify. Identify does not reveal background, race, age, class, skills, monster abilities, favorite color, or any other information other than what has previously been mentioned.

An Invested member of an Earth Greater Circle of Power is capable of performing an unlimited number of Resurrections each day, as long as the member and the spirit to be resurrected are completely within the Circle of Power. A resurrection requires ten minutes to complete and brings the recipient to full Body Points. During the ten minutes, it is apparent to all observers that a resurrection is occurring, but the exact identity of the person being resurrected will be unknown to all but the Invested member performing the resurrection.

For more on resurrections, see the “Matters of Life and Death” chapter.