Refitting” a suit of armor takes a complete uninterrupted minute of Focus during which you can perform no Game Abilities. The player must kneel or crouch and adjust their armor to represent the act of refitting. If you are refitting someone else’s armor, the target must kneel while the other character roleplays fixing the armor. This might involve pulling out a small bag of tools and accessories, or at least by pounding on the armor or otherwise taking actions to make it clear that you are repairing armor and not just kneeling down.

Example: Rendal and Ena each have suits worth 15 Armor Points. They are attacked by an evil ogre and each take 20 points of damage before the ogre is defeated, thus reducing their armor values to 0. Rendal, who has the Blacksmith skill, kneels over, gets out his repair kit and spends a minute refitting his armor while Ena stands guard. When he is done, he spends another minute refitting her armor. When the two minutes are done, both have suits that are good as new and worth 15 Armor Points again.

Refitting armor can be done any number of times per day by a character with the skill Blacksmith, whether or not they have Production Points available.