Damage from <damage type or effect>: Some creatures take double damage or extra damage from certain effects. All damage of that type that would normally affect the creature is doubled. For example, some golems will list “Takes 30 damage from Shatter,” which means the monster will take 30 points of damage from any Shatter effect that affects them. Some monster cards will state “Takes damage from Healing” or “Takes double damage from Healing.” This means the monster will take damage from spells that normally heal body points in the amount that the spell would normally heal or twice the amount in damage as the spell would normally heal. The creature will also be affected by a Cure Disease, Purify, or Restore as undead are, but will not be affected by Destroy Undead, Harm Undead or Turn Undead unless they are undead (see “Monster Type” to tell if they are undead). When taking damage, a target will take a maximum of four times damage from any single attack no matter how many effects they currently have that may double damage. For example, a Flame Elemental (which normally takes double damage from Ice) under a Destruction effect holding a cursed magic item which causes them to take double damage from everything would still only take four times damage from any Ice effect that hits them.