Evocation Bolt

Spell (Celestial all levels), Scroll

Evocation; Instant
This effect allows the caster to manifest the power of the elements and is the signature spell of Celestial magic users. When this spell is cast, the caster may throw a packet which will inflict 5 points of damage per spell level the spell is memorized in. At the time of casting, they may choose a single element from Flame, Ice, Stone, or Lightning.

When scribed as a Battle Magic scroll, the value will be set based on how many Production Points are used as if a spell of appropriate level were being scribed. One Element must be chosen at the time the scroll is created. For example, an Evocation Bolt scroll scribed using 20 Production Points would do 20 points of damage of a type chosen by the creator when the scroll is made.

Some creatures may have pre-set values and limits on which elements they may choose when using this power. For example, a Flame Elemental might only be able to use Flame Evocation Bolts.

If this spell is manifested through any means other than the incant (for example, via the High Magic Spell Augmentation or Elemental Augmentation abilities), its verbal will simply be “<number> <qualifier> <element>”.

Example: Belthivis has three 4th level Evocation Bolts in memory, as well as one Spell Augmentation and one Elemental Augmentation. Belthivis can evoke one of these Evocation Bolts using the normal incant (“I Evoke a 20 Flame Bolt!”); another using the Spell Augmentation (“20 Spell Flame!”); and the last using the Elemental Augmentation (“20 Elemental Flame!”). Note that “Bolt” is never used except when the spell is fully incanted.
“I Evoke a <number> <element> Bolt.”