Gaseous Form: Some creatures will simply turn into a gaseous form when they are killed, and all possessions of the creature will fall to the ground. More powerful creatures have the ability to turn into a gaseous form at will. These creatures can take their possessions with them.

To become gaseous, the NPC must do a three count of “I turn gaseous one, I turn gaseous two, I turn gaseous three.” The monster can be affected by attacks while doing this three-count and if it uses any Game Abilities such as Phase or Resist Spell, the three-count is blown and one use of the gaseous form skill is expended along with the Game Ability.

To come out of gaseous form, the NPC should state “I solidify one, I solidify two, I solidify three.” The monster is vulnerable to attack while solidifying.

While gaseous, they can use no skills and are immune to all attacks except Solidify. They may move at a normal walking rate (no running). They cannot fly, nor can they move objects they aren’t already carrying.

Gaseous form does not permit the monster to walk through walls, Wards or Circles of Power. Gaseous creatures can be seen but cannot speak or make any sounds; however, they are aware of their surroundings and can hear and understand conversations.

A monster may not take anyone else gaseous with them, even if that person is dead (needing a Life spell or a resurrection). A permanently dead body, however, may be taken gaseous with a creature just like any other possession.