In any game, especially one as complex as a live-action role-playing game, rules mistakes and misinterpretations are always an issue. Because of this, the Alliance has the policy that any player may ask for an adjudication of IG results of such problems.

Such adjudications must be written up and turned in to the Rules Committee of the game where the incident occurred within 30 days of the incident. Occasional exceptions to the 30-day rule are allowed, such as when the player was not aware of the rules question until a later date. Adjudication requests should include a complete description of the incident, the people involved, and the contested result.

Once submitted, the Rules Committee then either makes a decision or chooses other staff members to decide if a possible bias is present (for example, if a Rules Committee member was involved in the incident). The player is then informed of the ruling, and the situation rectified.

Because of the nature of the game, the original event is never “deleted”—Plot events are often used to explain the change in the final outcome. For example, if your character died her permanent death and then had it adjudicated, the Plot Committee will write some way for your character to return without having to make everyone else in game pretend that the death “never happened.”

Note that adjudications are for rules violations and misinterpretations, not plot decisions. You cannot adjudicate because you think that the Plot Committee didn’t scale the encounter properly or because you thought the puzzle they wanted you to figure out was too hard.