The Alliance is a group of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) chapters that have joined together to provide the service of the best LARP games possible. These chapters are located around the United States and Canada (so far!).

Within these chapters, there may be individual campaigns. For instance, the “Fortannis” campaign is the main campaign for the Alliance, named for the in-game world in which the game takes place.

If you play in a chapter’s Fortannis campaign, then your character can transfer to any other chapter’s Fortannis campaign, meeting new people and having new adventures, without having to worry about learning any new rules. You can even take your treasure with you and earn experience in this new chapter and bring that back with you to your original chapter.

The Rule Book and this Players Guide contain the rules for the Alliance Fortannis campaign. Any chapter that runs a game in the Fortannis campaign will follow these rules, without any variances.

Chapters may also run other campaigns, taking place in other worlds, which will use the basic rules in this book but may have some variances (for instance, different magic systems or provisions for guns, or a range of new skills and spells). You will not be able to transfer characters, experience, or items from one campaign into a different campaign.

While each Fortannis game abides by the rules listed in this book, this does not necessarily mean that every single spell or elixir or magic item is available in every chapter. For instance, you may discover upon entering a specific Fortannis chapter that your Hallucinate elixirs are useless there. This allows each game to provide variations that can affect their local plotlines.

When you start a new character, you must list that character’s home chapter. This is the only place where you can have certain things done for your character such as buying back deaths with your Goblin Points. (We’re getting to that, just be patient!)

Each Fortannis campaign is also limited in the amount and type of treasure they are allowed to put into game at each event. This is to provide a consistent economy from game to game.

Each game also has the right to create “Local Chapter Only” items (or “LCO” items). These items are intended for use only in the chapter which is named on the tag of the item, and are usually plot-related items. Coins and Production Point items can never be LCO.