Archery is represented with a packet delivered attack. Each packet must be blue.

Arrows and Bolts
Arrows are used exclusively by bows. Bolts are used exclusively by crossbows. Arrows and bolts are treated exactly the same as far as the rules are concerned, except that they may only be used with their respective weapon. Arrows and bolts are on tags similar in design to armor tags, and when used, you must rip off the amount of arrows or bolts used in the battle.

Arrows and bolts are consumable. Once the verbal is stated, the arrow or bolt is lost even if it is not thrown, and the appropriate number of arrow or bolt tags must be given up after each battle. Like spell packets, you can retrieve arrow or bolt packets in a Hold but you cannot call a Hold in order to retrieve them.

Quivers. An archer may not have more arrow or bolt tags on them than they have room for in their quivers. One quiver may hold up to 20 arrows or bolts. A quiver is defined as any pouch or container whose dimensions are a minimum volume of 64 cubic inches with no dimension smaller than 1". A foam phys rep of a quiver may also be used. For each multiple of the maximum quiver volume, a quiver can hold an additional 20 arrows or bolts. You may carry as many quivers as you are able.

When using a bow, the arm holding the bow must be held straight out and aimed at the target. A crossbow may be held with arm bent, but must still be aimed at the target. The arrow or bolt packet must be touched to the bow/crossbow and then brought up to the chin/shoulder area before being thrown. The packet may be held at the chin/shoulder area for as long as desired and then thrown. If the packet leaves the chin/shoulder area, it must be touched to the bow/crossbow again.

The archer must finish the damage verbal before throwing the packet. If the packet is not thrown, it is still consumed. Shields and weapons will block an archery attack. Head shots from archery packets do not count. Hand shots do not count if a usable weapon is in that hand, as the hand is considered part of the blocking weapon. Shots to a hand without a weapon in it, or a weapon that the target cannot use, or one hand on a two handed weapon, are considered hits.

Bows. Bows are made of a curved phys rep, padded like a regular weapon. No string is attached. It is considered a Two Handed Weapon for attacking purposes; in other words, both hands and both arms must be free to utilize a bow.

The grip of the bow must be in the bow’s center and the bow may only ever be utilized while holding the grip. A Bow phys rep is not required to have thrusting tips on its ends. However, as with all weapons, sufficient padding must be in place that the core of the weapon may not be felt and a marshal judges the weapon to be safe in combat.

The bow phys rep can be used for blocking defense with one hand. If the archer has the Two Weapon skill and is using a short bow, then they may use it with a long weapon or with a one handed spear. A bow may not be used for melee attacks.

Crossbows. Crossbows are made of closed cell foam only—no PVC core is allowed. No string is attached. A crossbow cannot be used for blocking. It is considered a Two Handed weapon for attacking purposes; in other words, both hands and both arms must be free to utilize a crossbow. In our game, the crossbow is meant to be a lighter, more portable counterpart to the bow.