Starting Items

When you play your first event as a new character, you are given certain starting materials that your character should have in-game. After that, you’re on your own. If, for example, your starting armor gets destroyed you’ll have to get new armor tags in-game by buying, stealing, or making new armor.

Brand new characters with 25 XP start with a pool of 150 copper pieces to spend on items and gear. These points can be spent on equipment based on its Production Point value. It can also be used to buy spells in your starting spell book at the basic spell ink cost of 2 coppers per level of the spell. Alchemy recipes can be bought for 1 copper piece per Production Point of the recipe(s) chosen. Sources can be purchased for their standard cost of 20 coppers each, while armor, weapons, and other substances like scrolls and potions can be purchased for their Production Point cost directly. Production Point costs can be found in the “Production Skills” section of the Rule Book.

If a character plays its first game with a higher XP total (for example, if you’ve NPC’d a few times before playing a PC), its starting pool is bigger to represent the gear the character might have collected in-game during its adventuring time. The pool is equal to the character’s XP times their level plus 100, up to level 30 (3000 XP) where it caps out.

Characters with enough points can spend them on starting Magic Items directly for their Ritual Point cost. This can be found on the Alliance website, where you can find a full list of Rituals with their Ritual Point costs. These items will be created in your local chapter (though they do not use up any of the chapter's Treasure Policy). The chapter may give you a temporary Magic Item tag for your first event that can be turned in for a permanent one at the end of the event.

Each Alliance PC will want to start with equipment appropriate for what they’re starting their first game with. Any character will want to purchase Weapon and Armor tags equivalent to the gear they start with.