Animals such as horses will help with your travel time. This list is only for trained animals, which of course are expensive.

  • Riding Horse 300
  • Draft Horse 400
  • War Horse 1,000
  • Dog (Guard/war) 200
  • Dog (Hunting) 100
  • Hawk/Falcon 100

Ground Transport

Wagon prices do not include horses or fancy decorations/additions, such as spikes on the wheels or ballista out of the back door or a roof.

  • Open wagon:
    • 1 horse 10
    • 2 horses 20
    • 4 horses 40
  • Covered wagon (cloth):
    • 1 horse 30
    • 2 horses 60
    • 4 horses 120
  • Covered wagon (wood):
    • 1 horse 100
    • 2 horses 200
    • 4 horses 400

Water Transport

Before giving the prices, let us define our terms.

  • A Barge or Raft holds one to two people and is not seaworthy, but meant for calm rivers only.
  • A Small Boat holds one to three people and can only hug coasts or travel in small lakes. This is basically a small rowboat or a canoe.
  • A Long Boat holds six to thirty people and can travel in harsher waters. A small Viking rowing boat is a good example of a Long Boat.
  • A Small Merchant Ship holds twelve to eighteen people plus cargo. It will usually have sails.
  • A Large Merchant Ship holds 24 to 36 people plus cargo. It will definitely be a sailing ship.

Remember, the pricing does not include additions like ballistas and harpoons, nor does it include a crew.

  • Barge/Raft 10
  • Boat, Small 200
  • Boat, Long 600 - 3,000
  • Merchant, Small 6,000
  • Merchant, Large 12,000


These prices and the descriptions are the absolute minimum. They can be augmented to include extra rooms, more towers, artwork, secret passages, etc. These prices do not include any furnishings other than the bare minimum.

A “keep” is defined as a small castle with 10 rooms, 4 guard towers, a small moat and a drawbridge. You can build from there.
Players who buy houses might wish to submit floor plans and other descriptions to the Plot Committee.

  • Wooden
    • 3 room cottage 1,500
    • Additional room 500
  • Stone
    • 3 rooms 3,000
    • Additional room 1,000
  • Keep 25,000


NPC hirelings can sometimes be obtained at the rate of their Craftsman level of proficiency. For example, if you wish to hire someone with the skill Craftsman: Artisan 1 to paint your portrait, it will cost you one silver per day—the same as a player character would make per day for their craftsman skill. If you want to hire Michelangelo with Craftsman: Artisan 30, then it will cost you 30 silver pieces per day. The more talent, the more you have to pay. Materials are not included.

Hirelings will never have Production Point skills or spellcasting ability. Such items and spells must be acquired in-game.

Note that availability of these hirelings is determined entirely by the Plot Committee. If you want to hire 100 miners to search for gold, but only 23 are looking for work right now, then you will just get what is available. And there is no guarantee that they won’t keep some of the gold for themselves, either...but then, without conflict, there is no plot!