Investiture is a Ritual that must be performed upon a person while present in the Circle of Power into which the person is to be Invested. An Invested member of a Circle of Power can walk in and out of the Circle unimpeded at any time, unless that member is unconscious (or conscious yet unwilling). An unconscious or unwilling member of the Circle of Power will not pass through the Circle unless “recognized” by another Invested member, even if the member requires a Life spell.

Individuals who are not Invested may not enter or exit a Circle of Power unless “recognized” by an Invested member of that Circle of Power. The Invested member must clearly acknowledge that permission to enter or exit the Circle of Power has been given, by gesturing to and saying “recognized.” This is an out-of-game statement, and it can therefore be made even when Silenced. Upon recognition, the individual must immediately enter or exit the Circle of Power. The recognition expires almost immediately after being recognized.

An individual who seeks to use combat-related Game Abilities (such as while fighting or spellcasting) must be completely inside or outside of the Circle of Power throughout the action. For example, a player may not begin a spell incantation while within the Circle of Power and then step outside to throw the packet; nor can a player stand within the Circle of Power and swing a weapon at a target located outside the Circle of Power.

Wizards need not be Invested in order to cast a Ritual in a Circle of Power, although they must be able to get inside somehow whether through recognition, casting the Circle themselves, or other powerful magics.