Timed. Timed effects will end in a specific predetermined time, anywhere from five seconds to five days. If hit by two different timed effects, both will run at the same time.

For Example: Finther is hit by a Paralysis gas that will last five minutes. Two minutes later, he is hit by a Drain spell which also lasts five minutes. He is still paralyzed, but once the Paralysis wears off, he will be affected by the Drain for three more minutes.

You cannot have two of the same effect on you at the same time, so if you’re hit by two identical timed effects, the most recent one will always prevail.

For example: Finther is hit with a Shun, which holds him at bay for five minutes. Four minutes into the spell, he is hit with a second Shun. The timer begins all over again from the new caster.

Examples of Timed effects include Circle of Power, Disarm, Hallucinate, Paralysis, and Ward. Most spell defenses last 5 days, meaning you will generally have them run out between events you attend.