Alchemy Globes are delivered by an orange packet. Unlike a spell packet, globe containers are in-game. All globe packets work on a single target only, indoors or outdoors. Any globe which uses the Poison qualifier will only affect creatures with a metabolism.

Before throwing the packet, the user must announce the appropriate verbal. For most globes, this verbal will be “Poison <Type>”—for example, “Poison Sleep.” This phrase simulates preparing the globe in-game by performing a last-minute mixing of chemicals to trigger some mysterious effect. The verbal is not in-game so even a silenced or mute character may use one. If the verbal is not said properly (representing a misprepared batch of chemicals) then the attack is unsuccessful and the globe is wasted. Even though the verbal is not in-game, the effect is recognized by anyone who hears it. In-game, assume each gas has a different color and texture associated with it to allow for identification on the battlefield.

Blast Globes have a slightly different verbal. These are thrown with the call “10 Elemental <element>”, where the alchemist chooses either Stone, Flame, Ice, or Lightning (based on the tag, where the element is chosen at the time that they produce the Blast Globe). They otherwise follow the same globe rules as Poison globes. The packet must hit the target or the target’s possessions and must otherwise follow all spell packet rules.

Note that globes, since they are in-game, can be disarmed, destroyed, shattered, and stolen. If you steal someone’s globes, you may then either go out-of-game to the person from whom you stole the globes in order to get the tags, or you can get a Marshal to do it if you wish to remain anonymous. If you have more tags than the gas globe phys reps that were stolen, the tags must be turned over in a random fashion.

Note that all of the tags you are carrying around with you are considered in-game even if there is no corresponding gas globe physical representation.

A character must have at least 3 levels of the Alchemy skill to use Globes. Gasses can also be put into gas traps by someone with the Create Trap skill; see the “Traps” section for details.