Spell (Earth 9)

Healing; Instant
This spell must be cast within five minutes of a creature’s death. It restores the creature to one Body Point and the creature is not forced to resurrect. Only this spell can save someone who has been given a Killing Blow or hit by a Doom effect. This spell will immediately fix and reverse a Create Undead or Corrupt effect, restoring the victim to life at 1 Body Point.

If cast at undead, they will be affected as though they had been hit by a Destroy Undead effect.

This spell does not normally have any other effect on a living target. It will do nothing when cast on a permanently dead body. Like all spells, it will remove a living person or undead creature’s Spell Shield or Reflect Spell.

This spell must be cast upon the target’s body part containing their spirit to be effective. Once the spell is cast, the entire body reforms and any parts elsewhere will dissipate. See the “Life and Death” section for details.
“I call upon Earth to grant you Life.”