Unconscious: If you are reduced to exactly zero Body Points, you are unconscious. You will regain consciousness (at one Body Point only) after one minute. Similarly, when someone successfully completes First Aid, you will be at zero Body Points and unconscious for one minute before waking up with one Body Point.

Example: Terin has a total of 14 Points, including his Armor Points, Body Points, and all protective spells. He is in a fierce battle and takes exactly 14 points of damage. He falls to the ground unconscious. Nobody gives him any curing, so he awakens in one minute with just one Body Point.

You cannot make sounds while unconscious or dying. If people do not notice that you are on the ground, they do not see you lying there in-game as well. You can’t moan or say “Well, it looks like I’m unconscious.”

If you wish, your character may opt to stop struggling to regain consciousness and die. Upon being reduced to zero Body Points, you can declare that you are “choosing to die” (this is an out-of-game statement). At that point, your Body Point total drops to -1 and you begin bleeding out. This option is to allow you to not be captured by your enemies who probably will not want to waste a Life spell on you.

If you are unconscious, your character is still subject to ongoing effects and might take new effects.

Example: Terin gets hit with a Web spell in battle and then gets hit with exactly enough points to reduce him to unconsciousness. He remains confined while unconscious. He is then hit by a Drain spell. Suddenly his friend Darlissa notices him and gives him a Cure Wounds 5 spell. He is now at 5 Body Points but is still Webbed and under the effects of a Drain spell.