Areas of Effect

Many traps are defined as “Area Traps.” If set off within a Game Room, it will affect everyone within that Game Room who are not protected by a fully closed door (such as within a closet) or protective spell like a Circle of Power. Imagine a rain of spell packets hitting everyone even partially within the same area as the trap for determining who is struck.

If an area is bigger than one Game Room, it can still be trapped by an Area Trap, but it takes multiple Area Traps of the same type to affect it. For example, a barn might be classified by a Marshal as 3 Game Rooms worth of size. This means it would take 3 identical Gas Traps to trap it; this requires both the additional tags and the additional trap container(s) or a single container large enough for the appropriate number of traps. When the traps go off, everyone inside the Game Room is affected no matter how close or far they are from the actual traps. Keep in mind that this is an in-game thing—so if a Marshal on a module says “Treat this glade as an underground cave room” it should be treated as a Game Room even though it’s an OOG outside location.

Triggers for Area Traps must be entirely within the same Game Room where they are set and may not cross through partitions or barriers which would impede the effect of the trap.

If an Area Trap is set off when not in a Game Room, it will affect everyone who is even partially within a 5 foot radius, including their possessions. The trap may be linked to a trigger line of no more than 5 feet in this case. Trap phys-reps are strongly encouraged to include an attached pre-measured 5' string to quickly determine who is hit and make the resulting Hold quicker. It can be helpful to imagine a circle of packets firing out 5 feet from the trap to determine who is hit.

Example: Finther tries to disarm a trap and fails. Terin is standing more than five feet away; however, he is holding his weapon in such a way that the weapon is within the five feet radius as is Terin’s cloak. Terin will take all of the damage from the trap.