Rules diffs:
p.10 - Biata - elixir is "Intoxicate" not "Intoxicant"

p.28  Learning skills - references the "Riposte" skill and the "Claw" skill — its "Riposting Blow" and "Claws"

p.30 "Meditate" references a call of "altered effect" but the call is "Altered"

p.39  Assassinate lists Riposte as a defense. It also uses "once per day" instead of "once per logistics period".

p.40: "Break Command" uses "once per day" instead of "once per logistics period".

p.41: "Claws" should say any skill that requires use of a "weapon skill" instead of just weapon.

p.43 Craftsman:  cartographer & mapmaker are the same thing.  Fletcher duplicates blacksmith.

p.46  Enhanced strike - desperation is mispelled.

p.47: Fast Refit - uses "once per day" instead of "once per logistics period". Is this intended to be on a different time scale?  Its "neither nor" not "neither or".

p.48  First Aid - mentions an option for not requiring body contact, but nothing in the description says why it requires body contact.

p.50  Herbal Lore references "Intoxicant" elixir - its "Intoxicate"

p.51 High Magic - description says "see the "Magic" section for details — details are actually in the "High Magic" section.

p.51  The skills are incorrectly alphabetized.  Current order is: High Magic, Improved Channeling, Intercept, Improved Assassinate, Improved Slay.

p.51 Improved Channeling - wording is a little awkward, specifically "adds an additional 50 points of Channeling to a character’s primary school of Channeling" should probably be "adds 50 points to the channeling pool of a character's primary school".

p.52 Merchant - says you can sell items for their production point cost, and lists "channeling sources" as one of those items.  Technically, those do not have a production point value and are not produced through the production point system.

p.53  One Handed Weapon Master - does not specify it includes "Small Weapons"

p.56 "Resist Elements" should be "Resist Element" in the skill title, and in the oathsworn racial section.

p.57  Riposting blow.  "Any Rituals" is not super clear except to people familiar with the ritual system — a better wording would be "Any Ritual or Magic Items used" 

p.58  Shatter-disarm strike - should maybe talk about what "" means.  (Note that the "shield" skill includes clarifications for this skill that should probably be included.)

p.58  Slay uses "once per day" instead of "once per logistics period" like other skills.  

p.59  Small Weapon references "One Handed Edge" as a skill - the skill name is "One Handed Edged". It also does not reference "Weapon Master", which it should.  

p.59  Staff.  For other melee weapons, we use the terminology "close combat weapon".  Staff is also not defined as a blunt weapon. We could generally use to standardize some wording for melee weapons across all the descriptions.

p.59  Style Master references the "Two Weapon" skill — its "Two Weapons"

p.60  Two Handed Sword - It does not specify that its a "close combat weapon" or melee weapon.  So if you made a throwing two handed sword rep, you could use it with this skill.

p.60  Two Handed Blunt - the weapon description only says it needs be blunt.  It does not specify that its a "close combat weapon" or melee weapon.  It does not specify that you can not thrust with it.  As written a rock thrown with two hands falls under two handed blunt.

p.60  Thrown Weapon - uses the terminology "missile weapon" when in the rest of the rules we use "range weapon".

p.61  Weapon Proficiency.  The sentence about the extra damage uses inconsistent pluralization  (two handed blunt vs two handed swords), should probably refer to archery rather than bows & crossbows.

p.62 Body Weaponry: references "short sword" when it should reference "short weapon"

p.63: "Damage from" references "Harm Undead" which has been removed.

p.64: "Engulf" "Resurrect point" might want to be "Resurrection point". Description uses both "Death count" and "Death countdown" - should standardize on one.

p.65: "Fey Curses" - uses both "fey" and "fae", should standardize on a spelling. We should pick a spelling of fey and use it.

p.65: "Gaseous Form" - "three count" appears both hyphenated and unhyphenated. It shouldn't be hyphenated.

p.66: "Immune to" - uses a different spelling of fey than fey curse section

p.66: "Infection" doesn't use the "three count" terminology, and should

p.66: "Innate Pyramid" references spell tags, which I think are entirely deprecated. It also doesn't use the term spell book and should.

p.67: "Renew" references resetting armor rather than refitting armor.

p.68: "Resist Type" references "Type shield" and I think that ability was renamed to "Type Block"

p.85:"Archery" - the text says that archery uses packet delivery. It should probably specify that it considered a "physical delivery" since we have skills that care about physical delivery.

p.88:"Dead" References having to follow the rules for carrying a body but the rules are not in the rulebook or player's guide.
p.88:"Dead" Dead says the dead condition sometimes cures an Infection. Infection says it always persists through death, and takes a resurrection to cure.

p.89:"Resurrection" Say to put on a "white headband" but what a white headband means or how players are supposed to interact with it is not defined in the rulebook. I pulled in info from the player's guide.
p.89:"Resurrection" Says effects are removed except a list including Infection. Infection says it is always removed by resurrection.
p.89:"Resurrection" References memories not coming back from "Amnesia poisons", which leaves an awkward probably unintentional loophole for non-poison amnesia effects.

p.90:"Killing off your character" References "half build" — this should be "half experience points" as I've been told we no longer have build, and asked to correct the wording by an owner when I quoted that sentence on the forums.

p.97:"Killing Blow" - references the "Defensives section" and there isn't a section of that name

p.98."Effects" "channed" is not a word.
p.98."Effects" The example of paralysis doesn't demonstrate the concept of durations resetting it used to when durations were 10 minutes, because after 5 minutes the original effect would have ended any way. Changing the second effect to having been after 3 minutes would make it clearer.
p.98."Effects" references the "Healing Blade" spell which doesn't exist - its "earth blade"

p.111:"Spell Rules" - "Spell Defenses do not carry over from adventure to adventure." This is inaccurate and misleading when it comes to day games - spells have a 5 day duration. As a concrete example, alliance SF ran back to back day games that were in different campaigns one weekend in 2019, and that violated this "Spell Rule"

p.115: Spell-Book-Chart "Remove Destruction" is not a spell any more

p.116:"Alchemy Rules" - says you can only have one contact gel active, but doesn't mention the exception for ritual magic. In other places there are common exceptions due to rituals, it is noted.

p.117:"contact gels" - same comment as the alchemy rules
p.117:"contact gels" - "Skill Ring" is not mentioned any where else in the rulebook or player's guide, yet is required to use vorpal coatings on arrows/bolts
p.117:"contact gels" - gives example of "1 weakness poison" when proper call is "1 poison weakness"

p.118:"globes" - tells you to see "Traps" section for details; there is not a "Traps" section — its "Traps and Locks"

p.120:"berserk" "etc" is repeated twice, awkwardly.

p.124:"corrupt" Corrupt does not make use of the "slay" effect but uses that word in its description. The defenses for slay will not protect you from Corrupt (except dodge/phase).

p.124:"create undead" example uses "curing spell" — its been renamed to healing

p.126:"destroy undead" doesn't list its duration or effect group

p.127:"disarm" says to use "no effect" on spirit linked items, but there is an effect. the correct call is "altered"

p.129:"Endow" uses "out of game" instead of "out-of-game"

p.tbd:"Fortress" uses Protection Aura. Protection Aura is no longer a defined term in 2.0. The monster ability is called Threshold.

p.135:"Paste of Stickiness" references the destroy effect, which was removed from game.

p.139:"Sanctuary" mentions that it does not protect against a weapon swing with the spell qualifier, but doesn't mention the elemental qualifier (which seems relevant since channeling can be done via a staff).

p.143:"Subjugate" the example text involves a PC spirit storing themselves in to a golem, which isn't a PC available thing any more.

p.148:"Celestial Armor" - specifies "Formal Caster" but ability to buy "Formal Magic" is not a prerequisite for this skill.

p.149:High magic chart - "Rebirth" references a "Dying period". That is an undefined term in our rules and should probably be replaced with "Death Countdown" - especially giving that "bleeding out" is also referred to as "dying", so this implies it'd trigger at the end of bleeding out, while the skill says it triggers at the end of the death countdown.

p.150:"Channel Earth-Chaos" references the "Healing Blade" spell, which doesn't exist — its "Earth Blade"

p.150:"Elemental Augmentation" - references the spell "Evocation Storm" which does not exist.

p.151:"Formal Link" - cumulative is misspelled as cumalative

p.152:"Oak of the Archmage" - references Greater Wand ritual, but ritual was renamed to Greater Source.

p.152:"Rebirth" - references "death count" instead of "death countdown" - its basically the only place that term is used.

p.154:" ritual manipulation Conservative Casting" - "Component" is defined as a reagent or catalyst other places in the rules ("There are two types of Ritual components: reagents and catalysts." in "Ritual Components.); and this skill implies that you could conserve a catalyst

p.156: "ritual manipulation - Alternate Component" - this should be called "Alternate Reagent". "Component" is defined as a reagant or catalyst other places in the rules ("There are two types of Ritual components: reagents and catalysts." in "Ritual Components.); and this skill implies that you could swap one catalyst for another.

p.156 "ritual manipulation - True Conservation" - the example says "He uses a point of High Magic for Ritual Manipulation: Conservative Casting " but both is an example for true conservation and gives the effect of "true conservation" and not of "conservative casting". Also see the notes for "Conservative Casting"

p.157 "Scroll Mastery" - uses the term "scrollable" which is only used in the rulebook in the "scroll mastery" descriptions

p.157 "spellcrafting" is misspelled as "Spellcrarfting"
p.157 "after" is misspelled as "afrter"

p.159: "battle magic" definition is weird — does it stop being battle magic once a caster gains formal magic?

p.167:"conduct the ritual" - "target of a Formal has" - a formal what? maybe we should be using "Ritual" here

p.173 "phyrep" is probably supposed to be "phys-rep"
p.173 "immovable" is misspelled as immoveable

p.tbd "Celestial armor" references "formal caster" — but high magic doesn't require formal magic casting any more.

p.tbd. "Aspects" - "There are many scrolls which are written as “General” aspect, which means that the Ritual will take on the aspect of the caster at the time of casting." — Its not the aspect of the caster, its the aspect of the ritual batch being cast. If this was accurate, dual-school ritualistists would be able to cast one preserve duration to effect both schools of magic.

p.tbd."Special Abilities: Massive" - "A weapon strike made with the Massive carrier will cause damage..." - it causes damage on all weapon attacks, not just on weapon strikes. (The wording was fine pre-2.0, when we didn't have "weapon strike" as a valid call.)

Standardized spellings: (in all cases, appears multiple ways in text)

  • "touch-cast" instead of "touchcast"
  • "long sword" instead of "longsword"
  • "polearms" instead of "pole arms"
  • "out-of-game" instead of "out of game"
  • "magic item" instead of "magical item"
  • "spell book" instead of "spellbook"

Now that we have a formal definition of a three count, and skills that proc off of people using a three count in front of you, we should make sure that all those skills reference that they are using a three count.

p.tbd:"Killing Blow" and "Focus" — "Focus" lists "Killing Blow" as an example of a skill making use of the Focus mechanic. The killing blow description does not mention the term focus. Killing blow also doesn't reference being a counted action.
p.tbd:"Storm" and "Focus" — "Focus" lists "Storms spells" as an example of a skill making use of the Focus mechanic. The "Storm" description does not mention the term focus.
p.tbd."Arming and Disarming Traps" and "Focus" — Focus says it applies here, but the other section doesn't mention focus.
p.tbd."Healing Arts" and "Focus" — Focus says it applies here, but the other section doesn't mention focus.
p.tbd."Mental Abilities" and "Focus" — Focus says it applies here, but the other section doesn't mention focus.
p.tbd:"Focus" — none of the "concentration" spells mention they use the focus mechanic in their spell descriptions
p.tbd:"Focus" - the "monster abilities" that use "counted actions" (engulf, escape binding, gaseous form, rift) are listed as using focus on the focus page, but neither those abilities or the counted action section reference them using focus.
p.tbd:"Evade" - does not mention it works against massive.
p.tbd:"Explosive Traps: - mentions it can not be resisted with cloak eldritch force, which is irrelevant because traps are not eldritch force effect group, they are "Other". It'd be equally relevant to point out they can't be resisted by cloak curse.
p.tbd:"Areas of Effect" and "Radius Delivery". Its clear from the Radius Delivery section that traps are supposed to be considered Radius Delivery. The Areas of Effect description references the word radius, but that that it is considered a Radius Delivery. Given that all attacks need to have a delivery, I think its clear that Areas of Effect should be defined as one of the ways of specifying the area of a Radius Delivery.

Player's Guide:
p.tbd: Starting Items says "level 30 (3000xp)" when it should be 300xp.