Armor Materials

The following defines what is assigned to each Armor Location. For all types, if at least half the designated location is not covered, the Marshal will deduct at least half the points for that location and may penalize the location down to counting as no coverage.

Differing types of armor may be layered to gain additional points, but in no case may any location go over the maximum of 4 points. Bonus points are only given for a location if all materials used meet the requirements for a bonus. For example, a character could layer thick leather armor (2 points) with an additional layer of quilted cloth (1 point) for a total of 3 points in a location, but any Bonus Points would not stack.

Armor values are based on appearance of armor type. For example, chainmail made of plastic rings which has the appearance of real metal chain will count for 3 points of value on a location, though it will not get the bonus for authentic materials. Please keep in mind that we expect all participants to put effort into maintaining the appearance of their armor; to be awarded value based on appearance of a specific armor type, the armor physrep should give a quality, consistent appearance of that type.

  • 0 points: Costume. Costume is any sort of period costume made out of cloth or any other material that does not at all resemble armor.
  • 1 point: Light Non-Metallic Armor. This level is awarded for simple materials which give a modicum of protection, such as leather, leather scale, padded cloth, naugahide, suede, doeskin, heavy canvas, and rope.
  • 2 points: Heavy Non-Metallic Armor. This level is awarded for simpler materials which have been specifically thickened or upgraded to provide real protection, such as studded leather or the equivalent of 10 oz or heavier thick leather. It can also be given for harder materials such as wood and bone depending on how the armor is made. To meet this level of award, studded leather (or a similar material) must have a minimum of 1⁄4” wide metal studs 1" apart or less (or the equivalent level of upgraded protection).
  • 3 points: Chain/Scale/Brigandine. The material must appear to be one of the following: chain mail tight enough to provide protection, metallic scale of at least 1/16" thick, or brigandine with plates of at least 1/16" woven within. At a marshal’s judgement, similar/alternative armor construction may meet this threshold, but please be aware that the armor must appear to be solidly built and upgraded to qualify for this level of protection and the default is to assign the lower 1 or 2 point values if the protective value is not obvious.
  • 4 points: Plate Armor. This level is awarded only for solid plate protection on an area. The material must appear to be plate mail of sufficient thickness to absorb blows (excessively thin or light plate may be downgraded by a Marshal to 3 point per location or lower armor value). Please keep in mind that this armor level is intended to help balance the weight and restriction associated with plate armor.