Bonus Points

The following bonuses are awarded if the costume or suit of armor meets the specified criteria. Some bonuses can confer more than one additional Armor Point.

  • In Genre: No jeans, sneakers, watches, or other obvious anachronisms. Modern footwear (such as hiking boots) and glasses may be used for safety reasons without being penalized. in genre gives up to two bonus points
  • Master Crafted: Finely crafted costumes, real armor, or armor that is visually impressive. master crafted gives up to four bonus points.
  • Authentic Material: This bonus of 1 point per location may be given for use of authentic material. For example, steel plate (as opposed to alternative material such as plastic, latex, or the like) would garner this bonus, as would metal chain mail (instead of plastic or vinyl) and real leather (instead of latex or plastic). The material does not necessarily need to be historically accurate—for example, stainless steel is acceptable instead of a more historically accurate alloy—but it does need to be a material which is true to the armor type it is representing. Note that this bonus does not double for vital locations as bonus points are calculated after a suit has been otherwise evaluated, and this bonus will only apply to a location with layered armor if all layers comply.

Example: Terin wears a simple tunic, tights, and boots most days. Before the start of the game, he has a marshal evaluate his armor. The marshal rates his armor at 4 points because Terin’s costume is considered in-genre and his high leather boots grant 1 point for his lower legs with the “Authentic Material” bonus. Afterward, Darlissa comes to the marshal wearing a hardened thick leather vest with attached metal plates on both sides. She is also wearing a single leather gauntlet and a pair of sneakers. She is given an Armor Rating of 15 because the vest gives her 4 points (2 for material, x2 for location) in each of the following locations: belly, upper chest and back, with a bonus point in each location for using Authentic Materials. She is given no points for the gauntlet because she is only wearing one and no additional bonus points because she is wearing tennis shoes. Lastly, Ena comes to get her armor evaluated. She is wearing a suit of very nicely made imitation chain mail that covers from her neck down to her mid thigh and covers both arms down to her elbows. She also wears sneakers but has covered all but the bottoms with studded leather for a more appropriate appearance. On her head she wears a well-made latex helm that looks like thick studded leather. She gets 6 points (3 for material, x2 for location) in each of the following locations: belly, upper chest, and back, for a total of 18 there. She gets 4 points (2 for material, x2 for location) from her headgear, and she gets 3 points for her upper arms/shoulders. She also gets 2 points for covering slightly less than half of her upper leg/groin, and gets 6 total bonus points for In Genre and Master Crafted, though she gets no bonus points for Authentic Material. Finally, she gets giving her a total Armor Rating of 33. Ena could have gotten additional points if the studded leather covers she put over her shoes covered at least 1/2 of her feet/lower legs or used authentic materials for some of her armor. Most likely, she doesn’t wear more armor so that she has a chance of dodging spells.