Battle board

You will be given a Character Card when you check in. On that card will be your skills. Attached to that is a “Battle Board.” You will be given a new “Battle Board” for each Logistics period. All the skills and spells your character possesses that are expendable will be printed on it. These Battle Boards are unique and personal for each character so they will not all look alike.

Everyone must carry their Battle Board and Character Card with them at all times. A marshal can always ask to see your Battle Board at any time to make sure you are properly keeping track of your spells and skills.

Battle Boards must be updated after a battle in which skills were used by filling in the bubbles next to the skill or spell used. Note that there may be ways to change some abilities during a Logistics period such as spending High Magic or Meditating back a skill or spell that was used; in this case, simply update the card and (if adding a skill or spell) have it initialed by a Marshal to show that they checked that your updates were legitimate.