Bleeding Out: Any time you are reduced below zero Body Points, you drop to -1 and no further, even if the last blow on you would have reduced you to much less. Once you are reduced to -1, your character is dying. You will die unless given First Aid or healing within one minute. This one minute is referred to as “bleeding out.”

The First Aid skill can save you during this time, but it takes a complete uninterrupted minute to be successful. Once First Aid has begun, the one minute countdown freezes. If you receive more damage while in this condition, then First Aid is interrupted and you will continue the “bleeding out” count from where it was interrupted. Another attempt of First Aid will again freeze your countdown, but another full minute will need to be spent to complete it. If First Aid is completed, you will be at zero Body Points (unconscious).

Example: Terin, currently with 5 Body Points and no armor, takes 20 points of damage in battle and falls to the ground. He is now dying with -1 Body Points. He begins counting down in his head the minute before his death. Before he gets to “60” he is reached by Darlissa who gives him First Aid. After a complete minute of receiving First Aid, he will no longer be “bleeding out” and will now merely be “unconscious.” In one minute, he will awaken at one Body Point.

Any healing spell or potion will immediately bring you to consciousness without the minute needed for First Aid.

Example: Terin takes too much damage and falls to the ground, now at “bleeding out” with -1 Body Points. He begins his countdown but almost immediately is hit with a Healing 5 spell from Darlissa. Since he has no Spell Shield defensive, he is affected by the spell, and he jumps back up and runs back into battle. He now has 4 Body Points.

While you are bleeding out, you are still under any effects that were affecting you before, and Spell Protectives will always go off as you are not conscious to “accept” any spells through them.