Some mages learn to focus and direct raw Elemental energies. This form of magic, called Channeling, works differently from the more elegant spells that most people associate with spellcasters. Instead, Channelers use objects of power called “Sources” to focus and amplify the streams of energy inherent in the natural world around them.

To support everything from glowing orbs to magical wands, Channeling Sources can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Every Source must fit within at least one of the following formats:

  • At least 1 inch in each dimension (for example, an Orb of Power or the skull of an ancient Lich)
  • 9 to 16 inches long, at least 1/4" inch thick (for example, a wand of lightning-struck oak)
  • Thinner items must be at least 6 square inches in area (for example, a pendant inscribed with runes of power)

In all cases, the phys rep must be ruled safe to carry in combat by a Marshal. A long glass rod is unlikely to pass, for example, as it risks shattering and hurting people if it’s accidentally hit by a weapon.

A Source must be purchased at Logistics for 2 silvers. This requires no special production skill, but only characters with the Channeling skill may craft a Source in this way. Sources can be enchanted, but can never be an item with another in-game tag; for example, a sword or shield may not be made into a Source. Note that there is a High Magic ability that allows a Staff to be used as a Source.

When created, a Source is tied to a single type of energy—Flame, Ice, Lightning, Stone, Healing, or Chaos. Without Ritual magic, a single Source may only ever channel a single type of energy. Many casters carry multiple Sources to switch between as the need arises. A Celestially-aligned Source (evoking Flame, Ice, Lightning, or Stone) is referred to as a “Wand,” while an Earth-aligned Source (channeling Healing or Chaos) is referred to as a “Relic.”

A character with Channeling gains 25 points in their Channeling Pool for each rank of Channeling they have learned. Each Aspect of Channeling goes into its own pool; these pools may not be combined in any way. When using their pool, a Channeler may produce bursts of power as “X Elemental <Type>,” where the type is determined by the Source they are currently using. These bursts are produced in 5 point increments; a Channeler’s maximum burst size is 10, and can be increased by purchasing the Improved Channeling skill.

Example: Belthivis’ primary school of magic is Celestial. He’s purchased Channeling two times, and Channeling (Secondary) once. This gives him 50 points of Celestial Channeling and 25 points of Earth Channeling. With his Stone Source, he can produce ten bursts of “5 Elemental Stone!” or 5 bursts of “10 Elemental Stone!” or some combination of the two. Once he’s used that up, though, he can’t use his Earth Channeling Pool to produce more bursts of Stone from the Stone Source.

To use one’s Channeling Pool, a character must hold their Source in one hand, say the appropriate verbal (like “5 Elemental Stone!”), touch a spell packet to the Source, and then throw or touch-cast the packet. Sources act like two-handed weapons in that no other in-game item may be wielded at the same time. Sources can never be used for blocking or swinging as a weapon.

Example: Ena normally wields a short sword for self-defense. When she pulls out her Source and uses her Channeling Pool through it, she tucks the short sword under one arm—which means she’s longer wielding it properly, and will take damage if the weapon is struck while under her arm. She could alternately drop the sword or sheathe it, but either one takes longer to pull back out if she gets attacked.