To touch-cast, hold a packet and place it against the target you wish to affect. Touch-casting thus avoids the chance of missing your target.

The recipient of a touch-cast spell may choose to “accept” the spell, thus letting it past their Spell Defenses such as Spell Shield or Reflect Spell. Thrown spells cannot be “accepted” in this way.

The recipient must be conscious to accept a spell. An unconscious person’s Spell Defenses will always go off.

Example: Terin falls in battle and drops to -1, but since he was not hit by any spells, he still has an active Spell Shield. Darlissa runs over, touches him, and casts a Cure Wounds upon him. Because he is unconscious, he cannot consciously “accept” this spell. He calls “Spell Shield” sadly; his Spell Shield is now used up and he remains unhealed.

The decision to accept a spell through touch-casting is made immediately after the spell is cast. This is to prevent a caster from tricking an unsuspecting victim.

The recipient of a touch-cast spell can always refuse the spell by saying “refused.” This will use up the spell, but have no effect whatsoever on the recipient.

Example: Terin is Webbed by his arch enemy Vorin. Vorin laughs and approaches and touches Terin with a packet and says snottily “I Curse you with Doom!” Since this was touch-cast, Terin can accept this spell or refuse it. He wisely chooses to refuse the spell.

You may not touch-cast if both of your hands are bound in any way, either physically or through binding effects such as Paralysis, Prison, Shackle, or Web. You are allowed to touch-cast when your feet are bound, since you have at least one hand free enough to perform the casting. This includes touch-casting on yourself.

Example, Belthivis is hit with a Shackle spell which forces his arms to his sides. He has a Release spell in memory but he cannot cast it (or even touch-cast it) so he’s just plain stuck. If he had been hit by a Pin spell targeting his legs, he would still be able to cast.

Touch-casting can only be used for an incanted spell, a magic item, or for skills with the “Spell,” “Elemental,” or “Arcanequalifiers. It cannot be used with Alchemy or Trap Globes or a “Poison” qualifier effect.