Each purchase of this skill grants a character 25 points in a Channeling Pool to spend each day; see the “Magic Section” for details. Celestial Channelers may use Stone, Ice, Lightning, or Flame Sources; Earth Channelers may use Healing or Chaos Sources. The Pool can be channeled in increments of 5 up to a maximum of 10 points; once points are expended they do not return until the following Logistics period. The character’s primary Spell School determines their Channeling type, though Channeling can be bought at an additional cost for a secondary School, which will produce a separate Channeling Pool for that school.

Example: Belthivis, a Celestial caster, has purchased Channeling three times. He has 75 points of Channeling Pool to evoke throughout the day, in increments of either 5 points or 10 points, using a Source of a specific element.