To support everything from glowing orbs to magical wands, Channeling Sources can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Every Source must fit within at least one of the following formats:

  • At least 1 inch in each dimension (for example, an Orb of Power or the skull of an ancient Lich)
  • 9 to 16 inches long, at least 1/4" inch thick (for example, a wand of lightning-struck oak)
  • Thinner items must be at least 6 square inches in area (for example, a pendant inscribed with runes of power)

In all cases, the phys rep must be ruled safe to carry in combat by a Marshal. A long glass rod is unlikely to pass, for example, as it risks shattering and hurting people if it’s accidentally hit by a weapon.

A Source must be purchased at Logistics for 2 silvers. This requires no special production skill, but only characters with the Channeling skill may craft a Source in this way. Sources can be enchanted, but can never be an item with another in-game tag; for example, a sword or shield may not be made into a Source. Note that there is a High Magic ability that allows a Staff to be used as a Source.

When created, a Source is tied to a single type of energy—Flame, Ice, Lightning, Stone, Healing, or Chaos. Without Ritual magic, a single Source may only ever channel a single type of energy. Many casters carry multiple Sources to switch between as the need arises. A Celestially-aligned Source (evoking Flame, Ice, Lightning, or Stone) is referred to as a “Wand,” while an Earth-aligned Source (channeling Healing or Chaos) is referred to as a “Relic.”