Line of Sight

Line of Sight. This effect lasts as long as the caster could see the victim from wherever the caster is located. It also lasts if the victim could see the caster. Basically, if you can draw a straight line between the caster and the victim without the line being obscured by any obstacles, then the Line of Sight is still in effect. The caster or victim cannot close his or her eyes or hide behind someone else to break Line of Sight.

If the caster or victim breaks Line of Sight by imposing a very large object such as a building or large tree between the caster and the victim for longer than five seconds, the spell is broken. If the view of the character is resumed before the five seconds is up, then the spell continues.

These effects will cease immediately if the caster falls unconscious, including being affected by a Sleep or a Waylay.

Examples of Line of Sight effects include Shackle and Web.