There are ten categories of reagents, although the physical representation of each category may take different forms. For example, “Feyander” is a magical plant. It could come in the form of a flower or even an acorn.
The ten categories of reagents are:

  • Cariosus (also known as “Ghoul Grease”): Cariosus can be found in a powder, or in a greasy, or gaseous form on many animated dead creatures. Called “the essence of unlife,” cariosus is frequently found in graveyards and on the bodies of the undead. Cariosus can be very delicate, and it is sometimes even necessary to preserve the entire decaying limb, hand, or finger to preserve the cariosus upon it. It can often be found in vials as a liquid or gas, as its states are extremely chaotic. However, cariosus is not necromantic.

  • Fangtooth (also known as “Bloodthorn”): Fangtooth components vary wildly, and are often found from a diverse group of carnivorous creatures. Any predatory creature, including “civilized” races and even the thorns of some dangerous plant creatures, can produce a fangtooth.

  • Feyander: Feyander are plants that grow in natural settings abundant with magic or connected with the faerie world, such as near serene ponds, near mushroom rings, or verdant forests. Many races often gather feyander for its magical properties. Any plant can be feyander if it is naturally infused with magic.

  • Heartstone: Heartstone is typically associated with gems and other forms of rare metals. The magical transformation of a gem or metal into heartstone is fairly rare, making these items known for their value even if they were not infused with magic. Heartstone is the essence of the earth itself.

  • Jetsam (also known as “Hydrite”): Jetsam is the essence of the ocean, typically found in shells and other waterborne and blessed articles that have spent a long time in the sea or beneath the water.

  • Nightshade (also known as “Goblinbane”): Nightshade is typically found in the form of poisonous mushrooms cultivated on the darkest nights, within places where many living creatures have died. One may find nightshade on battlefields, graveyards, or even in fallow fields. Nightshade also includes semi-poisonous substances such as belladonna, mandrake, and wolfsbane.

  • Penna (also known as “Windkiss”): Penna are feathers kissed by the wind. Something magical happens when the wind strikes the feathers of magical creatures, causing them to become endowed with a mystical quality. Penna can be found in nearly any location where avian creatures frequent. Penna is frequently called “the essence of the wind.”

  • Pyrotis (also known as “Lastember”): Pyrotis is a black substance typically found near areas of great fires or where intense heat converts a substance into the very essence of fire.

  • Truesilver (also known as “Lodestone”): Truesilver is a substance with a mysterious origin. It is said that truesilver might be some form of quicksilver or a form of silver that has become magic upon the blessing of an ancient ruler. Truesilver adds purity to many Rituals. It can be found within and on many stones and rocks, and even small traces of truesilver can endow common stones with power.

  • Ley Ore: This is a crystalline mix infused with power of Ley lines and Fae power. This is commonly derived from Fae creatures and the realms they inhabit, but occasionally manifests in Fortannis as a crystallization of pure magical energy.